On July 31, 2018 a showcase of this year’s graduating class was held at the Linwood Dunn Theater at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The selected participants in this highly competitive program are: Maya Albanese, Erica Eng, Kryzz Gautier, Monty Marsh, Tamika Miller and Gabrielle Paciorek. 

2018 Mentoring Commercial Production Companies: Backyard, Brother, Pulse, Mssng Peces, Native Content and Skunk.

2018 Fellows Pictured below with Program Director, Tamika Lamison: 

Maya Albanese, Kryzz Gautier, Monty Marsh, Tamika Miller, Gabrielle Paciorek and Erica Eng


Click Photos for more info on each Director including Spec Commercials created during the program and the directors 'Behind the Scenes'.

Maya Albanese

Erica Eng

Kryzz Gautier

Monty Marsh

Tamika Miller

Gabrielle Paciorek

The Finalists included: 

Erika Bagnarello, Dorie Barton, Jonathan Curtiss, Meredith Berg-Erwin, Paolo Bitanga, Mei-Juin Chen, Desha Dauchan, Jose Ho-Guanipa, Mateen Kemet, Tatyana Kim, Li Lu, Puja Maewal, Sonia Malfa, Nanea Miyata, Laura Moss, Mahesh Pailoor, Meg Sutton, Nicole Taylor-Roberts, Sarah Wilson Thacker, Marie Ullrich, and Avi Yousabian.

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