Client: Fanduel
Director: Alexander Gilbert

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Alexander Gilbert


Alexander’s filmmaking journey began at age 6 in his bedroom in the small town of Loma Linda, California where he created his first movies using Lego figures and a stop motion camera. His love for creativity led him to attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California where he found a passion for advertising and filmmaking and received awards from YDA and AICP as a student.

Since then, Alexander has been working in the Los Angeles area as a freelance director, lending his voice to such clients as BetterHelp, Doritos, and Pantone. His latest film Balloon Boy documents the story of Kawsar, a young boy who supports his
family by selling balloons on the streets of Dhaka. The film was created for BanglaHelp, an organization that provides education and meals to children in Bangladesh. In 2021 Balloon Boy was awarded by the YDA and 1.4 awards.

FanDuel - "Parlay"
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