Client: Dodge
Director: Angie Su
Mentoring Company: Sibling Rivalry
Mentoring Agency: TRG

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Angie Su


Angie Su is a Chinese-born, Los Angeles-based film lover/maker shooting projects internationally. After receiving her master's in film production from the Art Center College of Design in 2016, she dived into the advertising industry and has focused on directing ever since. Su loves starting with a simple yet intriguing concept and weaving a symphony of bold vision, humanity, and intimacy, harnessing her skills and intuition as a storyteller and food stylist to guide her eye and hand through the process of brewing, distilling and concentrating her materials. With her ability to balance reality and surrealism, viewers are transported into spaces where the boundary between reality and fantasy blur, where viewers can experience the unexpected, which dazzles with diverse and creative expression. Her rich imagery and imagination will be imprinted in your memory, returning to you in dreams.

As an aspiring director, Su's unconventional and artistic vision allows her to collaborate with internationally renowned brands and artists, like Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Huawei, etc. After working mainly in China for the last three years, Su decided to move back to Los Angles in 2022 and seek possibilities and keep honing her craft of storytelling.

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