The CDDP - Commercial Directors Diversity Program is a 6 month program consisting of workshops, mentorships, networking, shadowing, a 15k grant to make a spec commercial, and an industry showcase to share the work.
The program is facilitated in 3 phases:

Phase 1- Workshops, Mentoring, Networking

Phase 2- Shadowing, Mentoring, Creating Spec Commercials

Phase 3- Mentoring, Networking, Industry Showcase Premiere 

CDDP Submission Requirements

Directors must submit the following application materials in order to apply
Director Reel
Letter of
1-2 minute Video Statement


Yes. You should have some professional experience that reflects your talent, skill and ability in order to apply.

No, but it is recommended that at least one letter of recommendation be from someone in the entertainment field who knows your work as a director.

No. This is not a form of employment. It is a program designed to offer opportunities, guidance and mentorship.

Yes. Although both directors should be included on one application, individual information should be included for each director. There should be one video introduction with both directors included.

Yes, we will confirm receipt of any application submitted.


No. Due to the high volume of submissions to the program we are unable to provide you with feedback.

There will be 5 participants each round chosen for the program.

No. This is not a form of employment. It is a program designed to offer opportunities, guidance and mentorship.

Yes, but you must commit to attend and engage fully in all activities, workshops and events provided by the program.

The program lasts approximately 3 months.

No. We cannot guarantee any kind of job or employment.


No. Participation in the program will not correspond to DGA membership. However details for joining the DGA can be found at their website:

No. Although we cannot guarantee that participation in the program will correspond to you signing at a production company, we hope that your participation in the workshop will support your career efforts and the possibility of being signed.

No, there is no application fee. It is absolutely FREE to apply to the program.